Two music classes for babies and toddlers in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada: Jump into Music and West Side Music Together

Last edited April 14, 2023

This past week we tried two different music classes with a 3.5 month old baby:

  1. Jump into Music
  2. Music Together

Jump into Music

In class, we enjoyed watching the toddlers in the circle, singing along to the beat, making music and hearing music from unique instruments (it was a frog that particular day – while learning about Japanese music – and it’s called a Guiro)!

At home we have enjoyed their YouTube channel with past classes diving into different cultures ie Brazilian music, African music, Spanish music and more! They also have a newsletter to stay in the loop of upcoming classes and events.

One video we stumbled upon on Youtube and enjoyed is: “Jump Into Improvising with Teacher Monica (Music Class, Early Childhood Education)”.

West Side Music Together

We enjoyed watching the babies and toddlers in the room, singing and dancing with everyone and playing with a big variety of instruments too! With this program, there is an app to download music to play at home as well as a beautiful paper book with the songs from class for every term (about 10 weeks).


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